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Designer: BabyBay

Convertiable Bedside Cot + Mattress + Side Rail


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  • The BabyBay provides all the benefits of a co-sleeping environment with none of the perceived drawbacks as the cot securely attaches to the parents bed providing peace of mind that baby is safe within his or her own separate sleeping area. This bundle comes with equipped with the cot, two choices of mattresses and a side rail, all included in the price, so all you have to do is set up the cot and its ready to use when your little bundle of joy comes along. 

    The BabyBay bedside cot offers the perfect solution from the day baby is born with benefits including:
    • BabyBay allows both parent and baby to have a rested night’s sleep in the important first few months of their lives
    • Ideal to encourage bed feeding, eases night feeding and helps with bonding
    • Your baby is within easy reach whilst still having their own space
    • Easily soothe your baby when it is restless or cries out without even having to get out of bed
    • Especially useful if you have either mobility problems or in the first few weeks after mum has had a C-section
    • The BabyBay securely attaches to almost all height and style of bed for total flexibility
    • Ideal solution for twins (BabyBay Maxi)
  • Size Length Depth Height 
    Single  89 cm 43 cm 79 cm
    Twin 94 cm 51 cm 79 cm
  • The original and award winning BabyBay bedside cot is a nursery must-have for all new parents. It offers all the benefits of co-sleeping but without any of the associated risks. 
    What makes this innovative cot unique in the market? The BabyBay is not only versatile but exceptional value for money. Unlike other bedside cots or Moses baskets the BabyBay is not just for newborns.

    Once baby has outgrown their BabyBay or perhaps is beyond the age of bedside sleeping and is now sitting up eating solids, then transform the BabyBay into any one of many options available including an adjustable height bench seat, a desk, a playpen and most popular of all a robust, high quality wooden high chair.
  • The BabyBay bedside cot is a unique product. Not only does it provide the safe haven for your baby to sleep alongside you in, it also adapts and grows to fulfil yours and your growing child’s needs.
    • Simply clip on the side-rail and convert the BabyBay into a standalone cot which can now be positioned anywhere of convenience within the home (when baby can sit up at approximately 6 months the cot should always be used with the side rail)
    • Castors are available and make the BabyBay easy to move around the home and to protect from sunlight
    • When your baby has outgrown the cot it can easily be converted into a bench seat, a desk, or a highchair by purchasing a simple conversion kit.
    • If you have two BabyBays they can be joined together when no longer required and used as a playpen
  • Choose the drop down above to purchase the babybay with the foam mattress with Bamboo covering or the coconut mattress. The foam mattress consists of an open cell structured, visco-elastic foam which reacts to body heat, thereby perfectly moulding around your child’s body. It supports and relieves pressure, thus optimizing blood flow and creating a heavenly feeling of weightlessness, similar to what your baby experienced in the womb. Simply the best mattress for a deep, peaceful and relaxed sleep.

    The coconut mattress, consists of a coconut 
    fiber core, bound with natural latex and sheathed in a layer of untreated, natural cotton. The combination of latex and coconut fibres is extremely breathable and thus ensures good air circulation and moisture removal. In addition, the tiny hollow coconut fibres also have excellent heat retention and moisture repelling properties. The mattress is impressive due to its good pressure distribution and its constant, supportive elasticity. The natural alternative, quality tested by the Environmental Institute in Cologne according to QUL-guidelines.

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