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Free delivery on all UK orders over £25 + Free returns

DinosArt Sticker by Number

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Create enchanting images sticker by sticker! Combining the best parts of puzzles and paint-by-number, Sticker by Number is the perfect mess-free project.


A great indoor activity if the weather is bad and it doesn’t involve screens, the DinosArt Magic Watercolour Set will keep your little rascals occupied for hours! It comes with 5 magic watercolour boards, a 12-colour watercolour set, 2 paintbrushes and of course, instructions. The glow in the dark pre-varnished line art helps the watercolour stay in the right areas. Your masterpiece will shine also glow in the dark!! There is also a collectable DinosArt card inside too - will they collect them all? 

  • Great alternative to 'screen time'
  • Get creative with your little ones
  • Improves coordination and dexterity