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Free delivery on all UK orders over £25 + Free returns

Peregrine Falcon W/Hunting Hood

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Your loved ones will sing for this plush and adorable Peregrine Falcon! As part of our Award Winning Audubon Birds collection, this Peregrine Falcon comes with an authentic sound recording provided through a partnership with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Each beautifully detailed bird comes with an educational hang tag containing information about its appearance, eating habits, habitat maps and sound information.

New edition of Wild Republic popular "birds with sound" plush line. These exclusive and realistic soft birds from Wild Republic have been designed in conjunction with the RSPB and their digitally recorded bird calls have unparalleled authenticity thanks to the centre bio-acoustique alpin. Remove hang tag before giving the toy to a child.

Size: under 18 cm

Manufacturer recommended age: 3 months and up


Created from high quality materials, this plush toy has a cuddly appearance and satisfying feel. A soft wrist strap to hold the bird.

With one squeeze, Birds by Wild Republic emit the genuine sound your specific bird makes.

The authentic soft toy has a learning effect on every little discoverer