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Free delivery on all UK orders over £25 + Free returns

Grey Monkey Teether

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Help make the teething process a little less painful with this clever gel applicator. The 2-in-1 design works by properly distributing your chosen teething gel or granules to the source of the pain, while the toothbrush bristles massage and soothe the gums as your baby chews

Toothbrush Bumps soft & kind to your baby's gums

A hygenic approach to applying teething products

Gets to the source of the pain helping sooth sore gums

Dishwasher safe & freezer friendly

Perfect training toothbrush to massage the gums


Matchstick Monkey's soft bristles help your child get through the teething period pain free. Safe to chew, the monkey helps apply teething gel for hard to reach areas. The arms act as handles so your little one can hold their monkey securely. The Matchstick Monkey also acts as a first stage toothbrush.