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Designer: Moover

Dump Truck

Designer: Moover

Dump Truck


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  • With the Moover Dump Truck, you’ll witness quiet driving games at playtime; only interrupted with kids’ laughter and excitement as they play with this fantastic toy. This ride-on vehicle supports a friendly play atmosphere thanks to its soundless operation and slow riding speed and your toy will last for thousands of valuable learning and playing hours.

    You’ll soon appreciate that Moover Dump Truck is an essential asset that supports you and your child’s needs for challenging and open-ended toys. Furthermore, this toy will assist in striking a helpful balance between your environmental requirements and your work-environment needs too.

    Safe and strong
    The Moover Dump truck is built to last: It’s extremely sturdy with a 10mm steel axis and wheels that are fitted with double TEP tyres. These tyres ensure soundless driving and a good surface grip without leaving marks.
  • Moover's have a unique blend of traditional craftsmanship with bold, contemporary colors that are designed to get babies moving!  Moover products assist in the development of children’s motor skills and encourage the exploration of their environment.

    These stylishly designed products do not only look amazing but also offer functionality, creativity, long term quality and most of all safety!
  • Dimensions
    • Height: 56 cm
    • Length: 29 cm
    • Width: 19 cm

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