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Treasure Island Adventure

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Make your own Treasure Island Adventure stories! This fantastic, fun and educational game is perfect for children of 3 years old and upwards. Use the 20 double sided jigsaw puzzle pieces in any order, to create imaginative and interesting adventure stories of any length!

Perfect for making home schooling fun or simply sitting down and playing, Children can use this on their own, or with others. With specific ‘beginning’ and ‘ending’ cards, as well as ‘linking-word’ cards, this fun game will help Children improve their grammar and creative storytelling while having fun.

Beautifully illustrated by popular children’s illustrator, Kev Payne, the original characters include Pirates, a Mermaid, Surfer ‘Dude’, Parrot, Turtle and the ‘Monster that lives in the cave’!

Who or what lives in the mysterious cave? Can the pirates find the buried treasure? One of the pirates finds a magic sword - can he use it to open the treasure chest? Will the mermaid find the missing keys? What do the strange symbols on the wall in the cave mean? Do the Surfer and the Pirates become friends and share the treasure at the party on the beach? Can the magic sword help fix the broken kite? And many, many more possible stories…

 Perfect for birthday or occasional gift!


Box dimensions: 17cm x 14cm x 6cm

Double sided jigsaw puzzle piece dimensions: 12cm x 12cm

Double sided linking-word card dimensions: 6cm x 12cm

Made from 100% recycled materials: hard-wearing cardboard with no small pieces

Suitable for Children 3+ years.