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Nursery rhymes for babies

Nursery rhymes for babies

Nursery rhymes are not only fun but also very important for a child’s cognitive and language development. Singing rhymes helps concentration, memory and thinking. According to research, it is through rhythm that babies learn languages during their first few months of life.

Singing rhymes early to your baby or even using singing in anything that you want to talk to your child about is beneficial for their development. Also using your hands to make the signs for the words to follow, helps babies to start linking the sign to the sound of the word. There is no need for you to do an extensive research and look for new rhymes unless you want to. The ones you already know from your childhood are already enough to start connecting with your baby.

Most of them have remained the same throughout the years and help connect generations. Nursery rhymes are also the first type of verbal stories that you will share with your child.

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