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FREE UK Delivery on Orders over £50 🦌
FREE UK Delivery on Orders over £50 🦌

SOUZU Toy Recycle Programme

SOUZU Toy Recycle Programme
How it works:  
Recycle any pre loved SOUZU toys which are still In Good Condition to receive a SOUZU voucher to spend in-store or online so they can be loved again by another child via our Toy Recycle Programme.
Toys ACCEPTED for recycling must be:   
  • From brands that are stocked by SOUZU; and
  • In good condition.
“In Good Condition” means that toys are:
  • Fit and safe for intended purpose; and
  • Clean and in a reusable condition with minimum wear and tear; and
  • With no visible damage, broken areas or with any parts missing; and
  • Not rusty, mouldy, heavily chipped or scuffed; and
  • Not faded and any painted deterioration is minimal; and
  • In original box, if possible, or alternatively in a Ziplock bag where there are loose parts.
  • In the case of books, in addition to the above criteria, there are no torn, missing pages or scribbles. 


Toys NOT ACCEPTED for recycling are: 

  • Soft Toys
  • Toys (with the exception of books) that are made of any material that means that they cannot be washed or sterilised.
  • Toys that are not In Good Condition
  • Toys that are not from a brand that is stocked by SOUZU
The determination of whether a toy is “In Good Condition” will be at the discretion of the SOUZU member of staff that any toy is presented to.

The value of SOUZU voucher will be lesser than 10% of the original purchase price or £10.