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Genious Square Puzzle Game V2

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Who is the genius in your family?

The Genius Square will put everyone to the test. Start by rolling the dice, which will show you where to put the blocking pieces. The race is then ready to start. Each player has an identical board and an identical set of wooden pieces. Wherever the blockers have been put, the other pieces will always fit around them, you just have to be the first to find out how.

This spatial awareness game is great fun and there are so many different options to try. This is the new addition, with a new rule to make things even harder if they start to get too good at it. On the flip side, some of the pieces have a white outline, and these are not allowed to touch when the puzzle is completed, making it that much more difficult.

A great game to play with the whole family, although the children are likely to win most of the time.

An amazing game with over 60,000 combinations. Great for mathematical, spatial learners. Roll the dice add the wooden spacer pins to the board, then use the coloured shapes to complete the full square.

Suitable for ages: 6+
No. of Players: 1 or 2
Skills: Sequencing, Spatial Awareness, Speed Of Thought, Strategic Planning, Visual Perception
Box size: 27cm x 27cm