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Panda Leggings

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WWF Panda Leggings

WWF Organic Panda Leggings won’t be in any form of packaging. Please note ahead of purchase.

It is estimated that around 1,860 giant pandas remain in the wild today. The giant pandas habitat was once spread throughout China, northern Vietnam and northern Myanmar. However now the giant panda is found in the wild in only six isolated mountain ranges in Gansu, Shaanxi and Sichuan Provinces in south-central China. In purchasing our WWF Organic Panda Leggings we can donate to help improve the Panda population and habitat.

These super cute WWF Organic Panda Leggings are ideal for the special little people in our lives. For example, the bum panel has plenty of stretch to accommodate either cloth or disposable nappies. Furthermore, with a comfy and functional thick waist band. Ideal for making sure the leggings don’t fall down while crawling or doing other activities.

Our waistband features a thin white stripe while showcasing the Blade & Rose branding on the back. The bum panel consists of horizontal black and white thin stripes with an adorably sweet Panda face. In addition, the lovely Panda face can be seen on the bottom of the legs near the ankle cuffs. The ankle cuffs are a plain and simple white, in contrast with the black leggings.
The WWF Organic Panda Leggings are suitable for all ages from crawling to walking due to their durability.

The Organic Combed Cotton contributes to them being soft to touch. The major component of development was to ensure that it was soft and kind to children’s delicate skin
This has been a concept which has continued with the growth of Blade & Rose. With the soft material it will make the leggings more comfortable to wear for your special little person.


Made from Organic cotton


Blade & Rose provide innovative, funky, high quality baby clothing and accessories. These products combine modern funky designs with top quality yarn, they are lovely and soft and designed for comfort.

Blade & Rose designs and develops a range of leggings, each with their own unique and trendy design. A major component of the development was to ensure that the quality of the fabric was durable, functional, would wash well and most importantly, is soft and kind to your children's skin.



Length in CM

Waist in CM

0-6 months



6-12 months



1-2 years



2-3 years




Wash at temperature of 40 degrees or less.

Not suitable for ironing or tumble drying.



Wash at a temperature of 30 degrees or less.

Not suitable for bleaching, tumble drying, or dry cleaning.

Iron on the reverse and use a maximum temperature of 110 degrees.