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Savannah 360 Activity Gym

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Introducing this delightful new gym from Taf Toys. Including 20 playful activities and made from the finest materials and extra-soft fabric this is perfect for babies from birth and features a unique round crinkling blankie that can be attached to gym in different positions to encourage baby to practice a variety of body positioning and to gain developmental benefits from each position.

0-3m+: STIMULATING SENSES & PRACTICING MOTOR SKILLS The 360° activity gym stimulate babies’ senses from early stages. Use our black & white cards with the baby-safe mirror – will encourage baby to spend more time on their tummy. Attach the round crinkle toy to the upper part of the gym while baby lays on their backs, practicing hand-eye coordination by trying to reach out and touch Harry the lion and his Savannah pals.

2m+: Tummy-time fun Use the felt cards, turtle mirror and crinkling round toy attached to the mat providing baby with different activities to attract his attention encouraging him to stay longer on his tummy strengthening back & neck muscles in preparation for rolling over from side to side and later crawling.

4m+: UNDERSTANDING CAUSE & EFFECT Let your baby explore the various features in the gym and the feedback they get while paying with them. By pulling the teether of the electronic toy baby activates the music & light. By pulling the teether once again, the music changes. This challenging playtime will advance your little one’s cognitive development.